Examples Of Romanticism In Wuthering Heights

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“Find what you love, and let it kill you.” said Bukowski. If love really destroys people, then “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte is the best example. Bronte is a British poetess and novelist. She wrote only one novel which is Wuthering Heights. Her novel was and still controversial for critics. This essay will discuss how Wuthering Heights represents a unique literary work of art that resembles a crossover between romanticism and realism, the defying features of ideal romantic heroism regarding Catharine and Heathcliff, the unusual ending of the novel and eventually my personal evaluation of the ending along with an insight assessment of the cross racial relationship during the Victorian era.

Wuthering Heights was known as a new genre
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She represented a rebellious, wild, free, and almost uncivilized woman who used to run in the moors and walk with bare feet. Catharine symbolized a feminine struggle against social norms that determined how a woman should be. This is best reflected in her nostalgic feeling towards her younger years at the Heights when she used to be free. In addition to that, her wild savage nature eventually tries to find spiritual liberty in the form of a metaphorical confinement that led her to her death or perhaps her salvation. Moreover, Catharine highlights the characteristics of a unified lover. Even through suffering, they both share the burden. By comparison, in Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre, Bertha represents a manifestation of the furious rebellious soul against the social confinement and gender oppression of her society. Similarly, Heathcliff may be regarded as a manifestation to Catherin’s true hidden savage nature. In addition to that, Her statement that she and Heathcliff are one, may be seen by critics as a clear confession that Heathcliff mirrors her soul, which is eager to vengeance upon the society which denied her right to marry the man she loves just because he is lower in social standards and different than the society to an extend that he was considered an outsider and people dealt with him accordingly. Though apparently different in looks and ethnicity, yet they are fighting the same battle as
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