Examples Of Satire In Animal Farm

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One of the major social problems that are currently present but that reflect the great situations witnessed throughout history for hundreds of years is the struggle for power and the most direct means to access that power is politics which allows to maintain the full exercise of power for as long as desired. It is precisely one of the strong criticisms made by the writer Georges Orwell in his book Animal Farm. He shows as the desire or ambition to seize certain territories makes people go into politics and pass over all common interests to achieve their own.
In this short text I intend to show how some aspects of society are satirized in the work Animal Farm written by Georges Orwell and how these social issues are handled or better said those
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It is a language used so that not everyone could understand it and those who understood it would not feel so trampled by what came in those letters. Not only did Orwell dare to do it also other well-known writers like Voltaire in his famous novel Zadig and Moliere in his renowned play called Tartuffe had already dared to do so criticizing the politics and religion of their respective times. In Zadig, in particular, some of the problems that the protagonist faces are references to social and political problems of Voltaire's own day. Therefore, it can observe that one of the most satirized social aspects is precisely politics because this is an activity in which certain decisions are made to achieve certain common objectives and achieve a just democracy; but in most cases the case is opposite, through politics it is possible to look for some common objectives, but there are peoples who look for own…show more content…
It can be seen in a very remarkable way in the role played by Napoleon and it is very curious that Orwell has chosen pigs which are the dirtiest animals of nature to represent politicians. It is amazing to see how this pig called by the animals as the leader performs several actions that are camouflaged under falsehood, blackmail, deceit, naiveté and a series of distractions that do not allow people to know their true intentions. One of those actions that draw attention is how he displaces one of his own, his "colleague" Snowball who showed himself as a leader interested in his community because he banishes him and appropriates his project by making other animals see him. This was a traitor who only wanted to take advantage of what he intended to do. This is a clear example of what can be seen daily in our society, it is what happens with those people who have to seek political asylum in other countries because they are exiled from their own territory because they defend their ideals and seek to help the collective welfare. Another of the remarkable situations is how to defend one's own ideals is passed over the ideals of the community and it does not matter to go to the extreme passing through the violation of the laws and even reaching the elimination of the opponent under the pretext that in the game and in war everything is valid. These
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