Examples Of Savage In Syria

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Since the 1600’s philosophers have frequently debated whether or not man in his natural state is civil or savage. Philosophers theorised that in a scenario called the state of nature a human's true state would become apparent. The state of nature is defined by famous philosophers Hobbes and Locke as “the state men are (or would be) in living together without effective government” (Simmons 450). While the majority of the modern world appears to be civil there is one example of the state of nature in which the savage nature of man can be seen clearly, Syria. Although Syria does have a government, the government is not currently operating effectively and is not fulfilling its responsibility to protect its citizens using civil laws. What started…show more content…
The rebel groups that are fighting the government in Syria have also displayed savage behavior in their fight with the Syrian regime and the Islamic State. While the rebels are in theory fighting an oppressive government in order to free the Syrian people, the “rebels have also shelled civilian areas” (Goldman). The rebels, like the Syrian government, have stopped fighting for the common Syrian person and are instead fighting for power no matter the cost. Without any effective government holding them accountable the Syrian rebels entered into the state of nature and slowly became savage and began causing almost as much harm to the Syrian hoi polloi as the government. Without an effective government enforcing laws and guiding the Syrian people they have fallen victim to the state of nature theory and are proving the belief of Thomas Hobbes that “during the time men live without a common power to keep them in awe, they are in a condition called war” (Pojman 5). Even rebel groups once supported by the United States “have committed atrocities ranging from abductions and torture to summary killings” (Blake). What originally started as a fight for freedom has quickly became a primitive and violent clash for dominance between rebel groups and the Syrian regime. The rebels actions have shown…show more content…
The Syrian regime on countless occasions has displayed that humans act out of perceived self interest as they have mercilessly attacked civilians for insignificant gains. While at war with the Syrian regime the rebels have acted just as savage. After entering the state of nature as defined by John Locke and Thomas Hobbes the Syrian rebels have slowly turned from civilians fighting for peace, to monsters killing those they are supposedly fighting for. Furthermore, the Islamic State has exemplified the brutal and savage nature of mankind as they have committed atrocities ranging from sexual enslavement to massacres of villages for no reason other than for personal satisfaction. Due to the fact Syria is a state of nature, the actions of the Syrian regime, the Syrian rebels, and the Islamic State definitively prove that humans are inherently
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