Four Perspectives Of Psychology Paper

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When it comes to psychology it is described as the discipline that is “concerned with behavior and mental process” (Wade & Travris, 2017, p.3), while also how they are affected by an organism’s external and internal environment. Then there is the scientific perspective also known as the scientific psychology in, which is rather based on research and empirical evidence, in which it is “gathered by careful observation, experimentation, and measurement” (Wade & Travris, 2017, p.3). Pseudoscience, psychobabble, popular opinion, and plain old common sense all relate to psychology topics in which scientific psychology challenges them with psychology’s methods and reliance on empirical evidence. Another example of how psychology addresses topics from a scientific perspective is with critical thinking. With critical thinking, one assesses claims and makes judgments that are based on well-supported reasons and evidence instead of emotions “critical thinking is fundamental to all science, including psychological science” (Wade & Travris, 2017, p.7). Psychology is the scientific study of human feelings, behavior, and thought. There are four major perspectives in psychology and those are biological, learning perspective, cognitive, and social cultural perspective. Psychological scientists typically use these four perspectives, because they each reflect a different question about human behavior, how the mind works, and it allows them to explain why people do what they do.
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