Examples Of Script About Time Machine

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Jose: Emperor (Rome) Gamana: Senate Member
Prineet: Student 1
Mika: Student 2
Mika & Prineet: *Walking home from school*
Prineet: What’s that? *Pointing at two chairs connected with a wheel*
Mika: I was reading an article online about time machines. I wonder if that’s a time machine?
Prineet: Only one way to find out.
*Lights turn off, turn on again once Jose and Gamana are on*
Jose: Did you see that flash of light over there?
Gamana: Yes, sir, I thought I was hallucinating.
*Mika and Prineet come up*
Jose: Who are you, and why are you dressed so ridiculously?
Gamana: Who let you in?
*Jose and Gamana look mad*
Mika: OMG, we travelled back in time! It’s Ancient Rome!
Gamana: Ancient? What is this girl talking about?
Prineet: Oh no,
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You still haven’t told us who you are you?
Mika: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Prineet: That we should get out of here?
Mika: No, we have to help them prevent the fall of Rome!
Jose: Fall? What fall? We will never fall! We are the greatest empire in the world!
Mika: Your majesty, please give us a chance to explain ourselves.
Prineet: You have no idea how bad things get.
Mika: You’re going to be invaded! Around the three hundreds, the city of Rome will begin being invaded by Barbarian tribes! You will fight and fight, but eventually Rome will be taken over! The city will be reconquered by multiple different tribes and eventually, the emperor will be overthrown! I beg of you, please do something to prevent this!
Gamana: I am a member of the senate, and I am certain that will not happen.
Prineet: That is why you fell in the first place.
*Jose looks at Gamana angrily*
Jose: Have you all been plotting against
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Jose: You may proceed.
Gamana: My lord, I have a suggestion. If the land is going to be invaded, then we shall set up a better defense system! We will start by building a wall around Rome. Additionally, we will set up guards around Rome, as well as on the trade routes. In doing so, we shall improve security and prevent the invasions!
Jose: I approve of this. In fact, I shall write a law about it once these children leave. What else caused our demise?
Prineet: I don’t mean to insult your majesty, but the empire is too large! One man alone cannot control all this space. Additionally, you spend too much money on the military!
Gamana: Your excellency, what should we do?
Jose: Before expanding, we will make sure we have the proper accommodations to defend the newly conquered land. This ensures that we, the Romans, will always be able to protect the land. I also suggest we cut back on the general expansion, to save some money for emergencies.
Prineet: Precisely!
Mika: Another problem is Christianity. I respect all your decisions and your religion, but you must make some tweaks- er- adjustments to Christianity. Once Christianity became the main religion, you as the emperor have not been valued as much. The Christians look up to God more than to

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