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Scrooge Becomes A Better Man:

A Charles Dickens play called the Christmas Carol was made in April, 1837 and was about a man who, because he lost a friend he came to be a Scrooge. Scrooge means a person who is stingy with money and would rather be alone with money than have friends. That man in this story is Ebenezer Scrooge. In the beginning he shuts everyone out and is very grumpy towards everyone. After a while he gets taught some lessons by three ghosts that visit him one Christmas Eve. Towards the end Scrooge changes and becomes a great guy. In conclusion, Scrooge is very miserable, but is visited by three ghosts who straighten him out a bit. He eventually becomes a better man. First of all, Scrooge is the type of man to shut everyone out of his life, and is just very miserable all the time. He had lost his business partner the night of Christmas Eve seven years ago. Ever since then he has just hated Christmas and anything to do with it. When poor people came to his door he would send them away and wouldn’t give them anything. When solicitor’s came to his shop Scrooge was very ignorant to the poor men. Ebenezer is just a man that lost his old friend the night of Christmas Eve and now has bad memories of it, so he lashes out at everyone he comes in contact with. In summary Ebenezer Scrooge became an miserable man because of what had happened to him the night of Christmas Eve seven years ago. Since then he has shut everyone out of his life.
Second of all,
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