Examples Of Security Dilemma In North Korea

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I. Security dilemma, a conceptual analysis.
Before trying to understand if the current tensions between the United States and the D.P.R.K. can be grasped as a security dilemma, we first need to analyse this theory and understand what it involves. It is commonly believed that a country which further develops its own security might create a security dilemma. Generally, it is understood that security can be provided with a military or technology which may deter a foreign attack. However, the security provided with the development of military strength can be perceived as a threat by another party which will also increase its own military strength and security agenda in response. Therefore, this pursuit for stronger security can actually lead to a decrease of both parties’ own security. The best example of this theory is
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If we look at North Korea and its justification for its nuclear missile program, it argues that it has a defensive purpose and it does not wish to intimidate anyone else. After all, the USA has threatened to use the Nuclear weapon against North Korea at the height of the Korean War and has both explicitly and implicitly made threats against the North Korean State at many occasions and only just recently, Secretary of State Tillerson threatened to the possibility of resorting to pre-emptive strike.
North Korea believes that the reason it needs nuclear weapons and its missiles is to make sure the USA doesn’t attack (deterrence effect) and most importantly, does not overthrow the regime itself. There is therefore a legitimate defensive rationale. Of course, this is not the only reason as some believe North Korea also wants nuclear weapons to exert greater influence in the region and intimidate South Korea and Japan, arch nemesis of the
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