Examples Of Self Care Through Ayurveda

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Module- 5- Self care through Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, provides detailed account of the cause , symptoms and treatment of disease on one hand, and detailed guidelines for the prevention of disease, to stay healthy, promote youthfulness and delay ageing on the other . It also emphasizes that each individual is different whether in a natural state of health or in an unnatural state of disease, But whether its state of health or disease the key remains the ‘balance’. The state of disease may warrant the intervention of an Ayurvedic physician but in the state of health or mild disorders, if we can keep mind, body, and environment in proper balance, health is restored, youthfulness is prolonged and aging happens without much deterioration and incapacitation.
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According to Ayurveda this is the site of Pitta and has to be protected from the onslaught of Kapha at all times. Otherwise there is a diminution of vision with time gradually.
The simplest but very effective eye care routine you can follow is to irrigate your eyes with fresh and pure water while bathing. Fill your mouth with water and using the running tap water splash gently the open eyes with small amount of water in your palms. Do it repeatedly till the water in your mouth tends to loose its coolness. Release the water of your mouth and after a short break for few second repeat the process twice. This procedure as per Ayurveda cleanses the eyes, protects it from the onslaught of kapha and increases vision.
Eye douching with ‘Trifla water’ regularly is very effective to increase visual acuity (please refer to the chapter of management of common diseases through Ayurveda)
As told earlier foot massage is very beneficial to increase the vision. Particular attention is to be given to massaging the big toes for extra benefit.
-Rub both your palms and using your index and middle finger gently massages the margins of the eye orbits from the side of nose towards ears seven times twice a day after meals. It can have wonderful results on visual acuity in particular and the health of the eyes in
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