Examples Of Self Portrait Through Swimming

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A Self-Portrait through Swimming Growing up, my dad always used to brag that my sister and I started learning how to swim the moment we were out of our diapers. Being a former swimming champion, he considered swimming to be just as important as breathing. Since our house was just an hour away from the beach, he would take us there every Saturday and personally teach us the different strokes. In grade school, I joined the swim team and participated in several meets. Midway through high school, I had to give it up because I was having trouble balancing training, academics and my other extra-curricular activities. But I still set goals for myself and went to the school pool every morning to swim laps for at least thirty minutes—a practice that…show more content…
Even if the race is a relay, you still have to complete the laps individually. And despite practicing as a group, you usually spend the four hours with your face in the water, not talking to anybody. The solitude that comes with swimming has fostered a kind of independence within me. For example, unlike my other friends, my first concern when it comes to picking a class schedule isn’t compatibility with their schedules but practicality—I’m generally not worried if I end up in a class where I don’t know anyone. Because of this, swimming is not an intermediary in the sense that it connects me with other people; instead it is, as Calasanz states, an obstacle. The solitary nature of the sport also allows for a great sense of self-responsibility. When you go out there in the water, you and you alone are responsible for your actions. If you lose a race, you can’t blame it on a teammate or lousy goggles—you can only blame yourself. This has led me to be a bit closed-off when it comes to sharing what I feel. I have difficulty sharing my problems with others because I believe that nobody but myself can fix them and I, alone, am responsible for fixing and dealing with them. Instead of connecting with people and sharing with them my troubles, I constantly try to deal with things on my
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