Examples Of Sentence In Jane Eyre

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A DESPERATE LIFE & LIMITLESS RESOLUTION People’s lives are always worth to take a look at regardless of their appearances. In fact, those who don’t have families at all—which is an ordinary thing for most of us to live among our family members—have much more hardships throughout their lives as Jane Eyre had. There were lots of valuable sentences that Jane uttered. First of all, if one is an orphan, he or she is expected to depend on the others to survive. Also, they are supposed to suit in none of the statuses in the society. However, Jane was demanding justice and trying to be treated as equal with her ‘’so-called’’ sisters and brother. She was tagged as ‘’rebellious’’ even when she was 9 or 10 years old,…show more content…
9). This quotation was explaining lots of things like love, family and independence issues. I even couldn’t imagine the feelings of Jane when these dreadful sentences were uttered to her. She didn’t have family, but she could have been treated at least as a human. These lines show that she had no clear social status both at home and in the society. Moreover, John’s mother was supporting these ideas by saying them to his son. Perhaps the most responsible person here is Mrs. Reed, who promised to bring up Jane equally with her children. As a result, I couldn’t keep pitying for Jane. The novel is completely dramatic like a TV series. Last but not least, a controversy question arises at that point: What if Jane was not taken to Lowood and keep living in Gateshead? Probably, people at Gateshead would go on their same actions. Jane would suffer more and more, even thinking about committing suicide. Or, she would just escape from the “house” when she was much older to live better and she would come to somebody’s attention who would make her life like living in a cottage even worse even by raping and having children from her. Jane would accept the offer because she would be helpless. Or, Jane would
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