Examples Of Seven Sins Of Memory

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Memory is a very important and beneficial for us as we go through our lives but it can also let us down. There are seven memory sins according to Schacter’s Seven Sins of Memory which are: • Transience • Absent-mindedness • Blocking • Misattribution • Suggestibility • Bias So let us get started by talking about transience which is the decreasing accessibility of memory over time. Being able to remember information over time is affected by age as is all things that happen with our body. As we age we can’t retain information like we did at a younger age and it takes longer for older people to learn new things. Absent mindedness is not exactly a problem in memory retention. Instead absent mindedness is an individual not giving a situation…show more content…
Another instance is an individual recalling a certain shirt they had but not being able to recall the correct color. Suggestibility is where misattribution occurs due to one event being similar to a prior event and the information may be twisted. This usually affects older individuals due to them being more susceptible to confusion. For example if an individual is watching the tv show Lost then watches Game of Thrones and is later talking about Game of Thrones and believes that the actor who plays Sawyer on Lost is the same actor who plays Jamie Lannister due to one of their friends talking about the shows. Bias is where emotions or beliefs can distort memories. For example if an individual has been best friends with another for years and then one significant fight happens between them then the individuals can potentially recall the other in a negative sense for the entire duration of their friendship. Bias occurs in various forms and can affect a multitude of situations and decisions. Out of the seven sins of memory I would have to say the one I am guilty of committing the most would be bias. An example of being bias in my life would have to be when my best friend and I got into an argument. The argument was over him getting to involved with a girl that didn’t want to be with him and then he got super drunk and
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