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The Sisterhood of Shame and Guilt As a result of the possibility of being harshly judged about her sex life, a woman can harbor a guilt-ridden fear of being labeled a “slut.” And it's not just a few who are affected. Leora Tanenbaum, author of Slut! Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation, states that “by the time a young woman is 21, she will have experienced slut shaming.” And in many ways, it is worse now than it was in years past. Kaitlin Menza, while researching slut-shaming for TeenVogue found, “As with all forms of bullying, social media has made it easier--and more widespread. Now intimate photos and texts meant for one person can be screen-grabbed and shared with friends; rumors about hookups can spread around a school in minutes.”…show more content…
Shame: The painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another. (www.psychologytoday.com/blog/shame) In short, while guilt and shame seem to be women’s best buddies, generally shame is about one’s own actions, wherein guilt is about how we feel about how our actions are likely to affect others (humans and/or gods). The fallout from those emotions is as Dr. Brown describes: “Women feel trapped, powerless and isolated.” Moreover, she found that shame, “regardless of intent, it is very counterproductive to real personal growth and meaningful change.” Clearly, sexual shame and guilt are not the humongous guilt felt by the good girls of the 1950s (and before) when they acted upon their sexual desires. Still it is hard for many women to ignore both the pious external and internal sexual police that place barriers in the way of being a self-empowering woman. Sexual Shaming and…show more content…
For instance, among students, one form of sexual shaming--sexual harassment (unwelcome sexual behavior that takes place in person or electronically)--is apparently widespread. And it is done mostly in the form of taunting boys with accusations of being gay and painting the slut/whore label on girls. The American Association of University Women, a nonprofit research organization, conducted a survey of students in grades 7-12 and found that overall girls reported being harassed more than boys, although it was more evenly divided during middle school. Still, boys were more likely to be the harassers. Whatever the medium, more girls were victims: 52 percent of girls said they had been harassed in person and 36 percent online, compared with 35 percent of boys who were harassed in person and 24 percent online. “I was called a whore because I have many friends that are boys,” one ninth-grade girl was quoted as saying. An eighth-grade boy, meanwhile, reported, “They spread rumors I was gay because I played on the basketball

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