Examples Of Sibling Rivalry In Taming Of The Shrew

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Sibling Rivalries To those without siblings, have you ever wished for another sibling? For those who don’t have siblings, have you ever considered that person to be like a brother or a sister to you? Any person that has had a sibling-like relationship can testify that a sibling is a pain you suffer through everyday of your life. Take Bianca from Taming of the Shrew. Her sister, Katherina, ties her up out of jealousy because she doesn’t have any suitors while Bianca is trying to decide amongst the three she has. While not all sibling relationships go to extremes like this, there are some that exist to this degree. In these scenarios, no matter the hardship, no matter the pain, whether or not you have a sibling, it will take time to learn to love the other person like a sibling. It may just be a matter of trying to understand the conflict or how the other person expresses themselves, but it’s always good to come to an understanding with each other. As siblings commonly do, they bicker and argue back and forth, and this aspect can be seen between Bianca and Katherina. Their…show more content…
He is a wealthy man who takes care of his daughters Bianca and Katherina single-handedly without the aid of a wife. Throughout the play, Baptista shows constant favortism towards his younger daughter, leaving none to his “shrew”. By not equally distributing affection to both of his daughters and having the lack of a mother figure present, these are factors that harm the relationship between Bianca and Katherina. It states,“BAPTISTA. What in the world is going on! (to KATHERINE) Young lady, where do you get the nerve!—(to BIANCA) Get behind me, Bianca.—Poor girl, she’s hysterical!—Go do some sewing. Don’t even talk to her. (to KATHERINE) You monstrous, good-for-nothing fiend! Why would you want to hurt your sister? She never did you any harm! When has she spoken even one cross word to
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