Examples Of Sin In Carrie By Stephen King

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“I would rather die than do something which I know to be a sin, or to be against God's will.” What is sin? Sin is an act regarded as a serious or regrettable fault, offense, or omission. What is a example of sin? An example of sin is religious extremism is a religious belief that claims to justify doing things by any means possible. Carrie, by Stephen King, is the story of a young girl and the sudden discovery of her telekinetic abilities. Carrie has been abused, both physically and emotionally, all of her life by her mother and her peers at school. Upon discovering her abilities, Carrie decides that she will make them all pay, and she does. Looking at the two of us, Carrie and I have the same personality type we are independent and like to…show more content…
Carrie was an outcast, a complete social reject who was always singled out and constantly teased by remorseless bullies and by the other popular classmates. Carrie is considered to be at the bottom of the social pyramid at her school. Since she can remember Carrie has always been the butt of every joke, the scapegoat, the black sheep, the target for humiliation. “Graffiti scratched on a desk of the Barker Street Grammar School in Chamberlain: Carrie White eats shit.” (pg.4) Carrie has a reputation of that can never be forgotten by her. Carrie’s main reason for being an outsider is because of her crazy mother, not allowing Carrie to experience anything on her own or be normal and controlling her life in every little way possible. Her mother forced her to wear the boring clothes. At home, Carrie was always beaten into submission, treated with no respect, and stripped of her character by her insane mother on a regular basis but Carrie was too afraid to tell anyone. “She tried to struggle to her feet and Momma’s hand, as strong and pitiless as an iron muscle, forced her back to her knees.”…show more content…
I could also try to join a club based on my interests or a sport at my school. The best thing about joining clubs is you'll meet other people with the same interest, which gives you something to talk about. I like art so I would most likely join an art club and I would find other people who love art. I would try my best to ignore the negativity and stand up for myself. Pretend to feel really brave and confident against the negativity. I would not try to bully them back and show no feelings for what they have to say. I feel good about me and worry about what I am doing to be a better
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