Examples Of Social Norms In A Doll's House

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Societal norms have been a struggle for many countries and has affected many families even in today's date,. In the play A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, societal norms is shown between the main character Nora as well as her ‘loving’ husband Torvald. Nora in this play comes off as a childish character who cannot take care of her own self; Torvald on the other hand is the leader of this relationship demonstrating his power through his strictness. In 19th century Norway, societal norms and the lack of equality in them were a main focus within a 19th century Norway drama. In the play A Doll's House, Henrik Ibsen uses gender roles, imagery, and symbolism to focus on the issues of 19th century Norway in order to captivate the reader’s about the…show more content…
Nora is begging “We may be a wee bit more reckless now, mayn’t we? Just a tiny wee bit!”(pg 2) This quote is showing how Nora is coming off as more of a reckless character in wanting to spend money and Torvald being responsible and acting as a mature older wise gentleman is saying that it is bad to spend money recklessly, therefore treating Nora as if she was younger by a significant amount. Nora is “[playing with his coat buttons and without raising her eyes to his]. If you really want to give me something...You might give me money”(7) This imagery reflects that of a child asking their parent for money without seeming too needy. Nora starts playing with her husband's coat buttons in order to seem playful yet since she did not raise her eyes to meet his she knows she is asking for a lot from her husband; these two pieces of evidence help readers understand a concept that makes husbands almost seem like fathers, in control, as well as seen as leaders who have higher standards in society. Therefore not allowing Nora to be true to herself and to others putting on this act as though she is somewhat naive and ineligible to control herself and how society sees her. Ibsen is claiming that women in 19th century Norway are restricted from being their true…show more content…
In 19th century Norway there is a clear understanding of which role the male and female should take and how it is difficult to get out of such a pattern; while Nora got out of this relationship with Torvald it struck the female audience and helped them realize how their lives are and how they have been treated as though they are the smaller person. In this play Ibsen makes it clear about the hardships women face with their daily lives and how complicated it is to be true to oneself; Ibsen might be challenging the idea to the females of the audience to break out of their society's norms and to be true to themselves. This drama is still true to today’s date seeing as how certain families are raised to believe that it is the man's job to lead a relationship and guide his children to grow up the same way often creating difficult times within a family and plenty of arguments. Ibsen might tell these families that it is okay to be yourself, and if other people in one’s family does not agree with being an individual, then one can break off from the toxicity, just like Nora
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