Examples Of Social Stratification In Egypt

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Social stratification is the grouping of people according to their socioeconomic based on occupation, income, wealth as well as social status. Typically, social stratification is manifested into three social classes, which include; upper class, middle class as well as lower class. Egypt is highly stratified since the phenomenon is widely spread aiming to expose the components of life, which composes these social classes hence exploring the relationship between these classes. Therefore, this essay evaluates how social stratification in Egypt is more open to the people given that there is unequal distribution of resources in Egypt. In most cases, sociologists refer this kind of stratification as a status system whereby people are grouped according…show more content…
Essentially, when women contribute towards their society particularly on gainful employment, their societies tend to be wealthier. Women contribute to the economy of Egypt through domestic work hence promoting open system of stratification in Egypt. Through the achievement of personal characteristics which has opened up higher status among individuals. Some of the characteristic influence individual mobility such as race, gender, occupation, background as well as place of residence. For instance, people living in urban areas have a greater chance of upward mobility as compared to people living in rural areas. Therefore, open system of stratification in Egypt in most cases acts as the force pushing a person up the status ladder.
Social mobility as a form of open stratification takes several forms involving vertical mobility and horizontal mobility. In addition, mobility can be grouped in terms of intergenerational as well as intergenerational. This system of stratification helps to give the nation assistance in order to prevent exploitation of the poor countries from the rich countries. Exploitation is the legacy of
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