Examples Of Standpoint Theory

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Question 1: Standpoint theory refers that any social position that an individual holds is greatly influenced by his/her experience. It means the marginalized group can give a max total picture on a particular topic as they experience the domination more acutely than the privileged group. The marginalized groups face oppression in different layers because of class, gender, race, ethnicity and other identities which they hold. As they are in the margin so their experience is more diverse than the privileged group. Even if living in the same society, two people will have different experience to share because of their social position. This experience helps one to have a view point of the surroundings. As the marginalized group experience the oppression and discrimination more than the privileged individuals, so their experience can be the total picture of the social problems. In defining the stand point theory most of the time women are taken as the marginalized group by many scholars and feminists. In a patriarchal society women are really marginalized. However, gender is not enough to describe the standpoint of an individual. In daily life our class, gender, race and other social identities do matter. I am just taking class…show more content…
However, conducting the research with the help of standpoint theory a researcher tries to understand the standpoint of an individual with the given framework. As example, a researcher may take gender to conduct his/her research. Here if it’s a patriarchal society than a female will be the marginalized. Hence within this marginalized group the discrimination is faced differently by different woman. An oppression faced by upper class woman will be completely different from the lower class woman. As a result taking women as marginalized group here will make a complex picture of the society. A feminist supporting standpoint theory may find this problem while
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