Examples Of Stereotypes In Beauty And The Beast

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Beauty and the Beast
How much does one’s judgement affect their view of someone, from strangers to close relatives? Stereotypes and stigmas are attached to everyone and everything. The first thought that an individual may affiliate with when seeing “Beauty and the Beast” is Disney. “Beauty and the Beast” by Beaumont was created with a twist that doesn’t have the fairy tale touch you usually see in a Disney movie. Although this short story may have its similarities to Disney's rendition, The Beauty and the Beast is far from being the same. This story, “Beauty and the Beast”, shows readers that your first thought to an idea may not be the right one. One must look deeper into an idea to find the true intentions of it; it gives a deeper look into morals.
In continuation, there are various parts throughout the story where the main idea keeps being introduced. For example, when Beast is first introduced he is portrayed as an irrational monster for threatening the father with death over a flower. In reality, he isn't the antagonist here because the Beast accommodated the father and without hesitation made him his guest. He had already given him much of his hospitality, so he felt disrespected that the father, on his way out, would still be in need of more. Another example that supports this main idea is when Beauty initially arrives to the castle and is automatically intimidated by the Beast and its looks. For example, when analyzing the text, her fears are expressed by her
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