Examples Of Stereotypes In Beloved

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Broken Stereotypes From the shipment of native Africans to America for profit to the treatment of humans like animals, American history is plagued by a dark history of slavery. The maltreatment of slaves led to each slave leaving the plantation, whether by escape, purchase, or freedom (due to the end of the Civil War), with a distinct narrative and a haunting past. For most, these narratives by former slaves were forgotten through meekness or forced silence. The ghost of slavery plagues the world today as well. Toni Morrison, an avid advocate for diversity and a strong activist for racial equality, believed that the silence of the former slaves would lead to history becoming forgotten, which is important to remember because in the world today, society is afraid to discuss and speak of the past. Toni Morrison uses her novel Beloved to “redeem history” and ensure that history will not be forgotten through meekness or forced silence (Moglen 23). Through her novel, various characters, like Sethe, Denver, and Paul D, are former slaves and are forced to deal with their harsh pasts. Though “it is often the symptomology of trauma one confronts and never the event itself,” the characters are unable to move forward until they each face their past (Spargo 114). Although the presence of Beloved emphasizes the tragic lives of Sethe, Denver, and Paul D, she undermines the stereotypes of slaves, which enables them to leave their past behind and create productive futures.…show more content…
To adhere to the hurt of the past would be to fail the requirement of an empiricism
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