Examples Of Stereotyping In The Workplace

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A stereotype is a way to determine where a person or thing falls in the realm of life. Stereotyping is a natural part of life and it actually does have a meaning in reality. It allows a person’s mind to work properly and for the human brain to be able to recognize, process, store and then recall the information when needed. It can also be used in racial, political, and religious ways and many more ways. Stereotyping in a racial way is judging people by the color of their skin, where they come from, or the language they speak. It can be both good and bad to stereotype, it just depends on how it is being said. Stereotyping in a religious way is judging people by what they believe in. Stereotyping in a political way is judging people in the political party they support.…show more content…
It causes low morale for a single person who is doing it or a group of people. A general problem a workplace can encounter is stereotyping other people and it can give bad publicity and a bad reputation for the workplace. It is illegal to discriminate against people and the consequences are very crucial. If the workplace requires teamwork it is a very bad thing to stereotype and the company will not be as successful. A company wants good working relationships with its employees, not bad working relationships. When one person is judging another, they no longer have the need to get to know each other and think of themselves as if they are better than the other. Communication is key for two individuals and groups and an essential part for the workplace. It is important to be open minded of other people and judge people on first impressions instead of not talking to
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