Examples Of Struggles Of Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurial struggles
Being an entrepreneur is difficult. Not any one can be a successful entrepreneur, there are some characteristics entrepreneurs must have to face the challenges and to rise again after every failure.
In business life, every entrepreneur gets number of struggles and challenges to face no matter how good or experienced he / she is. It’s known that in order to achieve goals people have to fail to learn and fight to rise again and again.
A struggle (is to experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something) according to Cambridge dictionary. What we understand of the definition that entrepreneurs have to do their best in order to gain success no matter how difficult the mission is. Struggles entrepreneurs
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This is known as 'competitive advantage'. one approach to encourage 'competitive advantage is through creativity and innovation.
Innovation can be the procedure to change. It does not have to be inventing new things, an example of innovation can be an improved service.
Creativity and innovation is the principle component for an organization to achieve sustainable competitive advantage facing the other competitors. It is difficult to think about a company having competitive advantage without considering creativity and innovation. Doing things differently and in a creative way will definitely make you successful in any field you are fighting in. If we take a look on Apple and see their future visions we will get a clear idea of how creativity is important to competitive advantage. For young entrepreneurs ‘competitive advantage’ is an important key factor in order to get bigger faster.
Michael Romonti is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about technology so he is surly creative when it comes to something related to technology. He is good with repair, software repair even physical damage repair and he also can do all sort of things which is an
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