Examples Of Supernatural Elements In A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

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In the short story “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, combines both supernatural and natural events in a confusing, unexpected but yet inspiring way that makes us wonder how we would respond if a supernatural event had happen in our front yard. From combining an ordinary day to rainy days and greedy community, with an amazing supernatural, an angel, who takes in cruelty, strengthen itself and flies away, Marquez successfully uses unique styles and creative tones to create a short story that would carry essentials of our daily routine in our lives and succeeds. With the right mindset, Marquez invites us to look closer in our lives and determine whether the normal and not so normal events could be change.
At the beginning of the story the tone is set with a natural event where a
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For example, when Father Gonzaga notices that the angel was more of a human form than an angel. Everything we’ve vision how an angel would be is the exact opposite of how the old man is presenting himself. But as we look closely, the old man’s character sends us a hint of an angel, which is patience. From being locked up in a chicken coop and being poked as if he was in a zoo, he deals with the cruelty and doesn’t fight back at all. He sits there and deals with it. This could be a sign of an angel’s quality, dealing with such disturbing cruel treatment in a calm way.
At the end of the story, as the angel deals with such cruelty, he is finally awarded with new feathers. I believe that the action of story matches the tone and setting. The cold winter is over and a new life is approaching. Like most angels, the old man’s new feathers aren’t so impressive, “look more like another misfortune of decrepitude,” (Marquez 403) but with new feathers, he is
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