Examples Of Supernatural Forces In The Crucible

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In “The Crucible”, the girls interacted with supernatural forces such as, communicating with the devil, doing witchcraft on other people, and vexing other people. In the beginning of the story, Parris discovered Betty and Tituba dancing like heathen in the forest. Parris and everyone else who has so far came out in the story, think they were associated with witchcraft and are sure Betty’s soul has been taken because she doesn’t open her eyes, hears and sees naught, and cannot eat.
On page nine and ten, Ann confesses that her only child that is alive, started acting strange, so she sent her with Tituba since she knew how to communicate with the dead and might've ended up telling her who killed her seven unbaptized babies. Putnam tells Anne she discovered witchcraft. I think this is all relevant with the supernatural forces because it all slowly leads to the truth of what they actually did and Tituba has to somehow be associating with witchcraft or the devil or somehow sold her soul in order to be communicating with the dead.
Also, on page eleven, Abby tells Mary that they saw her naked, that’s when Mary tells Abby, she is worried about the village calling them witches. Therefore, this is relevant to my essay because if they really weren’t witches or into supernatural forces, they wouldn’t care about what the village would say about them, if they know they aren’t lying. Betty wakes up and confesses that Abby drank blood and a charm to kill John Proctor’s wife, that’s when
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