Examples Of Superstitions

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A superstition is a set of thoughts that are incongruent with reality, which lead to a series of doings, behaviours and beliefs that an object or action that is not related to a group of events influences its outcomes (Akova, 2011; Damisch, Stoberock, & Mussweiler, 2010). There are superstitious people all around the world, with different religions, beliefs, cultures and traditions (Akova, 2011).
Superstitions can serve to give either good or bad luck, some examples can be: crossing fingers, four leaf clovers, knocking on wood, breaking a mirror, seeing a black cat, opening an umbrella inside the house, or even a set of steps self-made before an event (Akova, 2011).
Skinner proved that superstitious behaviours do not only occur in humans by doing an experiment with a group of hungry pigeons. For a few minutes each day, he gave the
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This paranormal belief may be the result of those with an external locus of control attempting to deal with the uncontrollability of their lives. On the contrary, individuals who present an internal locus of control do not necessarily hold superstitions, probably because they do not have the need of coping with the uncontrollability of their lives (Stanke & Taylor, 2004).
Religiosity and superstition
In many studies, it has been found that religiosity correlates with the occurrence of superstitious behaviours and paranormal beliefs. Apparently, a higher degree of religiosity correlates with a higher frequency of reporting beliefs in paranormal experiences or the supernatural (Stanke & Taylor, 2004).
However, religion considers superstitions as extravagant and irrational, but religion itself could be practiced in a superstitious way, not actually believing in god but praying once in a while and attending church “just in case” (Delacroix & Guillard, 2008).
Superstitions as an adaptive method by Michael
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