Examples Of Sympathy In Frankenstein's Monster

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Tori Andrade
Toni J. Weeden
Honors Senior English
Sympathy or Hatred Towards Frankenstein's Monster? Victor Frankenstein had not only created a monster but he had also created this being that is full of knowledge seeking and understanding. Right from the beginning of the story, it is misunderstood by the monster's character. Frankenstein judges his creations outer shell and in doing so he neglects his creation making the “monster” feel vulnerable and naked to society. It is said that “No one is born hating another person for their skin, or his background, or his religion.” (Nelson Mandela, October 1, 1999). This quote is important because we must understand that the monster's hatred only comes from his experiences with the lack of connections people want to make with him. His bitterness and anger are because he has
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Diversity means is a range of different things and adversity means difficulties or misfortunes. Although the two have different meanings I feel that they play a vital role in a person or a “monster's” life. The world is full of diversity and in order to preserve, overcome, and meet our goals, we have to be a challenge and depending on how we go about on being taken out of our comfort zone determines whether you float or sink in life. The monster is a good example of overcoming diversity. Instead of lashing out and destroyin everything around him he uses his intelligence to help him survive. He finds himself a shelter, food, helps the cottagers with chores, learns how to speak and read from observing the villagers and also is also learns to become sneaky like framing Justine for the murder of Victor's younger brother and then later framing Victor for the murder of his friend. Although it seems that everything and everyone is against him, the monster finds ways to persevere and go on in life by the skills he acquires. All the odds in the world against him and he turns out to be very
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