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According to traditional grammar a subject has always been explained as the main topic of the message and the subject always came before the predicate, however the Systematic Function framework explains things in a different light (Halliday, 2004, p.53). The Systematic Function postulates that the subject of a clause can be divided into three elements, the grammatical subject, the theme and the actor (Halliday, 2004, p.53).
This essay discusses the dynamics surrounding the concept of subject, actor and theme and explains the conflations of these terms using a systematic function framework as well as traditional grammar. The essay begins discussing the three elements and provides examples that explain the difference amongst the three. It further more discusses the conflations of the three concepts and examples are provided to explain how the concepts can be conflated.
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The theme is the psychological subject, it is what the speaker or the author had in mind when they began to produce the clause (Halliday, 2004, p.56). The theme can be labelled as something which is the concern of the message and it is always the point of departure (Halliday, 2004, p.55). For example ‘The coffee shop’ is the theme of the message because it is placed in the forefront.
Example: The coffee shop around the corner The theme
The theme of a message is what the author or the speaker wants his audience to pay attention to, hence it is placed in the forefront of the clause. The theme has to be at the beginning of the sentence to be identified as a theme while the subject can be predicated. For example in the clause: My family and I visited the orphanage, ‘my family’ is the theme because it is the starting point of the message and ‘I’ is the subject because it is predicated and it is also placed before the verb.
Example: My family and I || visited || the orphanage. Theme Subject Verb

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