Examples Of Thanksgiving Traditions

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Thanksgiving Traditions Everyone has special traditions for different holidays. One holiday in particular is Thanksgiving. For example, they could just go to a relative's house or they could just stay home. Or they could eat different dishes like some families eat ham and others eat turkey. Everyone has different traditions and eats different foods and go different places. Most traditions are different between cultures and religion. My family may have different traditions than yours, but that doesn't mean that they are still not acceptable.

One of the things that is different in Thanksgiving is the food. Like in my house we always start out with vegetables and cold shrimp. You may believe that cold shrimp is really eccentric, but that is just one of the things that we enjoy the most. For the main course at lunch we always have ham and turkey. And we have a great deal of vegetables such as corn, potatoes, and many more. And I make these amazing pumpkin biscuits with a glaze that everybody loves. And then for dessert we always have a variety of pies and an Albanese tray of gummy bears. And this pudding called orange stuff.

Some people do things differently for Thanksgiving than we do. Not
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In the morning at my house we always watch the Thanksgiving day parade while my parents are running around trying to prepare our house for company. And since nobody in my family can show up on time, we always eat lunch at 2. Then we always set up three tables the kids table, the teens table, and the adults’ table. But only the more elderly adults sit at the adults’ table while the young adults stand. But I normally sit at the 4-6 year old table. After lunch we always play the quiet game because that was my great uncle Carl's favorite game. Then after that we go downstairs and sing Karaoke! The best people to watch do this are my uncle Bob and my Cousin Crazy Dave. They are absolutely
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