Examples Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The Castle Knights 2017 boys soccer team had a group dream to win regionals. They became determined during practice to improve one another and pursue their dream with hard work. By working hard and going the extra mile the team surpassed its goal and made it to the State Final and was awarded State Runner-up. They overcame the odds by pure hard-work and possibly a little luck in the Semi-State game where they won with 7.8 seconds remaining. This applies to examples of the American Dream in the literature world. In many works of literature the American Dream is shown to still be possible through hard-work, determination, and the occasional luck. Many people believe that social upbringing, race, religion, and other differentiating factors ruin chances of attaining one’s own American Dream. Those that are different still have an opportunity to attain the dream, yet some paths may be more of a challenge. Practically thinking since everyone is different, therefore, everyone will have their own set of challenges. In Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, there are examples of how people overcome odds and achieve their American Dreams. Nick Carraway, the narrator, gives insight into what is happening in this roaring 20s atmosphere. He says, “As we crossed Blackwell’s Island a limousine passed us driven by a white chauffeur, in which sat three modish negroes, two bucks and a girl” (Fitzgerald 69). With three African Americans being so rich they were able to have a limousine and have
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