Examples Of The Eight Fold Path Of Yoga

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of fossil remains that has yogic motives alongside figures performing yoga expresses the spread of yoga in the ancient India.
The presence of yoga could be seen in the folk traditions, the Vedic and upanishadic heritage, the Buddhist and Jain traditions, the Darshanas and more. There was a time when the practice of yoga was limited only to be done by a guru and the spiritual value of yoga was given a lot of importance. A much as yoga was practiced during the pre-vedic period, Maharshi Patanjali, the greatest sage systemized and codified the practice including its meaning and the related knowledge through yoga sutras which led to conservation of the practice. Historians are not sure of the exact time in which the practice of yoga began however some has attributed it to be between 3300 – 1500 BCE.
The Eight Fold Path of Yoga
The eight steps of yoga often act as a guideline on how you can live a meaningful and a purposeful life as you practice yoga.
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When practicing yoga, it’s important to note that some of the transformation may occur at a subtle and organic level which makes it difficult to point out at what exactly about yoga that led to the transformation being experienced. Embracing the practice of yoga is not just about being flexible and attaining the beautiful postures it also entails exploring the feeling throughout the practice which then enables one to rediscover that sense of wholeness in their life.
Yoga has been proven to change lives in many ways and it’s possible to enjoy the benefits if you put this spiritual science into practice. Remember that it’s not only about making poses but also monitoring your breathing and reflecting through meditation. Below are some of the ways in which yoga changes and improves life;
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