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The Grandfather Paradox: This essay will argue that the Grandfather Paradox makes it unlikely that time travel will ever be attainable. The premises of this argument are: If time travel to the past was possible you could kill your grandfather (before he conceived children) It is impossible for you to kill your grandfather before he conceived children (Because you wouldn’t exist to try and do so) Therefore time travel to the past is unlikely to ever be possible. 1 This argument refers to the contradictions that arise from the act of changing the past. For example: Your grandfather conceived children, this event has already occurred and caused your existence, therefore it is impossible for you to kill him before he conceived children…show more content…
It specifically addresses part 1b. This is a well documented principle developed by a Russian Physicist named Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov. The theory is that anything a time traveler does, has already become part of history, the time traveler is meant to travel to the past. This argument relies heavily on the theory of Closed Timelike Curves (CTC). which were envisaged by Willem Jacob van Stockum in 1937, and developed by Mathematician Kurt Godel (1949). In a CTC the wordline (the history of the timeline, past and present) of an object or person describes a curved, looping path. The loop curves back on itself and arrives back at the present in the same place. “In other words, a closed timelike curve is the mathematical result of physics equations that allows for time travel.”2 This theory allows for the possibility of traveling to the past and changing some, but not all, events. A key factor in the theory of CTC’s is the idea that following the curve doesn’t change anything, it loops back on itself and becomes the original timeline, so the changes that occurred in the past have always been that way. Only self consistent events can occur. For example: John wants to kill his younger self three years in the past. He travels to the past, meets his earlier self, and shoots. But instead of of killing his younger self he shoots himself in the shoulder. This is the way things have always been, Jack has had a

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