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Hammurabi’s Code Of Laws The Hammurabi Code of Laws is a set of rules enacted by the Babylonian King whose name was Hammurabi. The Babylonian King created a total of two-hundred eighty-two punishments that the citizens will receive if they do not abide by the laws that were given to them. The king ruled from 1792 BC to 1750 BC. The Hammurabi Code of Laws is very violent in terms of punishments. For example, one of the laws are “If anyone breaks into a house to steal, he will be put to death before that point of entry and be buried there (walled into the house)”. This is a clear example of how violent and inhumane the punishments of the Babylonians were, to us at least. This essay will be explaining a set of laws from the Hammurabi’s Code of Laws. Laws that are related to crime usually end up with a very brutal, violent, and inhumane punishment. An example of these laws that have a brutal, violent, and inhumane consequent is law 22. “If fire breaks out in a house, and someone who comes to help put it out casts his eye about the property of the owner of the house and then steals the property of the master of the house (looting), he shall be thrown in the that self-same fire”. This law means that if a person comes to help extinguish the fire ends up stealing from the burning home, then that same man who came with good intentions of extinguishing the fire will be thrown into that same fire that he/she came to help put out. As you can see, the consequence for looting a house that is on fire is very violent. Another law that has a very brutal, violent, and inhumane consequence is law 109. “If a holy woman opens a tavern door or enters a tavern for a drink, she shall be burned to death.” In this law, it means that if a religious woman drinks alcohol then she will be burned to death for it is seen as a taboo in their religion. This law has a very violent, brutal, and inhumane punishment, as you can see. In the Hammurabi Code of Laws, there are laws in which a body part of the suspect’s body is severed or decapitated from their body as a result of their wrongdoings. These laws are usually related to the limbs used to commit the wrongdoings. For example, law 195 “If a son strikes his father, his hands shall be

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