Examples Of The Pestle Analysis Of Lego

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Throughout this assignment I will be discussing the PESTLE analysis and explaining why it is so important within every business in the environment. I will also be evaluating Legos PESTLE analysis by providing examples for each of the point’s so you can gain a better understanding of the analysis in action. Lego is a children’s toy company based in Denmark which sell a wide range of products to their target audience of 3-12-year olds. Jensen, M.V.S.(2015) says that ‘ the LEGO Group is committed to caring for the environment and the society that children will inherit, and to inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow’.

The PESTLE analysis is used throughout a range of businesses. The acronym stands for political, economic, social, technological,
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(2016, December 14) says that Britons will have to pay 5 per cent more for their Lego sets, as the Danish company raises prices in response to the pound's decline in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Therefore, by using the PESTLE analysis it will allow Lego to assess the potential implications that could impact their business such as Brexit. Due to this increase in price, it could have a further impact on Lego due to customers not wanting to pay that extra 5% for their toys.

Nevertheless, Trangbæk, R.R. (2014) says that LEGO DUPLO products made here(Nyíregyháza) are supplied globally through distribution centres located in Jirny, the Czech Republic, and Dallas, TX, USA. The company delivers moulded LEGO bricks to Denmark, the Czech Republic, Mexico and Poland, and started packing classic LEGO toys in March 2014. Therefore, based on this it will mean that they will be politically affected by the decision to exit the EU as they are distributing to numerous countries. This is because once we (UK) leave the EU, it will become difficult for us to get materials from suppliers and to distributors. It may even be more expensive for them as well due to exporting
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