Examples Of Three Messages From The Great Gatsby

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Three Messages From The Great Gatsby
A discussion of Three Messages From F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald is argued to be one of the most influential writers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. His writings always tended to display themes of disaster and vulgar, never seeming to have any sort of resolving endings. Decca Aitkenhead states in an article, “The great fear about finally reading a classic - much worse than the fear of being found out for having neglected to read it - is that you just won't get it.” Decca here is talking about a story written by Fitzgerald titled, The Great Gatsby, and is stating how everyone has the fear of not understanding a novel when reading it. More specifically, she is referencing to Gatsby, which can be a very vulgar, difficult to understand book. However, this book is full of surprises and themes that have an immensely great impact even today on society. Within Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, there are three important life themes that can be derived.
To begin, The Great Gatsby idealizes the theme that being rich and powerful is not the same as being happy in life. Within this story of love, hate, and money, are many instances that show just how tedious a life in wealth can be. On page 45, it states, “The bar, where we glanced first, was crowded, but Gatsby was not there. She couldn’t find him from the top of the steps, and he wasn’t on the veranda.” This small yet important phrase in the story is stating how people rarely see Gatsby as his own parties. He always seems to be lingering around on the outside, never making any contact with his guests. Basically, Gatsby has no friends, even though he has all the money and all the whiskey in the world, he still can’t seem to make friends or even find love for that matter. Sven Birkerts states in an article about Gatsby, “Gatsby unfolds over the course of a long summer and follows the logic of a dream” Basically, Gatsby has always has a dream of redeeming his past with his lover Daisy. But he will soon find out that his riches and success will play not part in his love life.
Secondly, The Great Gatsby shows that war changes the lives and love of individuals. In this story, a poor soldier man named Jay
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