Examples Of Three Times When I Have Been Afraid

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Three Times When I Have Been Afraid Every person everywhere has experienced fear. Whether it is a car crash, a bad grade, or getting pulled over by a cop; everyone has a moment in their life where they have been afraid. The three times in my life where I have been extremely afraid were when I sank a sailboat, started a brush fire, and crashed my car. The first example is the time my dad and I sunk a sailboat. The day before the fourth of July my family and I went on a Vacation to Hilton Head Island. While we were on the beach, my dad and I decided to rent a sailboat with some of our friends. My dad gave the unexperienced lifeguard forty-five dollars for thirty minutes of sailing time. The lifeguard helped us put the boat in the water and…show more content…
Soon the whole neighborhood was crowding around the retention pond. A couple of minutes went by, and the fire truck arrived. The firemen went to work putting out the fire which ended up only feet away from the woods. My last example involved a serious car crash. I had just received my driver’s license a week before this day of the wreck. My mom wanted me to drive to the other side of town and drop something off to one of her friends. When I arrived her friend was just getting ready to leave. I gave him my mom’s item and went on my way as he left out the neighborhood behind me. I came to a stop sign and I admittedly was not paying very much attention to what I was doing. I looked one way, but not the other and began to make a left-hand turn across traffic. Once I realized what was about to happen, it was too late. I had pulled out in front of a moving truck, and it plowed into me on the driver’s side door. The force of the impact pushed me into a ditch across the road into oncoming traffic. I was frozen in fear and didn’t know what to do. Luckily my mom’s friend saw the whole thing and raced over to the car to help me. I had already climbed out of the car, and he helped me call my mom. The police arrived shortly before my parents did and asked for my drivers and registration. I told him what happened and he filed an accident report. My family arrived glad to see I was not hurt in any way. The tow
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