Examples Of Timelessness In Of Mice And Men

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How far would two men go to accomplish their dream? Of Mice and Men, a novel about two men, George and Lennie an unusual friendship brings them together and their journey to reach their long awaited dream. Their dream, to have their own piece of land and have to answer to no one. The timelessness in Of Mice and Men due to is controversial and still relevant topics that appear in the book including; racism, discrimination against women and the importance of being hopeful when in situations that seem hopeless.

The racism shown towards Crooks is nothing but ordinary in the time the book is set in, blacks were almost completely separated from whites and were given unfair treatment. They could not live with whites and they could not eat with whites. The moment that racism towards Crooks was overly revealed is when Curley’s wife comes into Crooks room and he knows he can get into a lot of trouble if Curley sees her here so he says to her “You got no rights comin’ in
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The most important theme in the book is hope. Hope is needed all the time, now a lot of young college graduates find it hard and challenging to be successful in today’s job market and they hold on to hope that one day they will succeed. In Of Mice and Men George and Lennie had to hold on to the hope that one day they will get their piece of land. Every time something went wrong hope held them together. When Candy found out about George and Lennie’s dream he felt hopeful because for the first time he saw an opportunity to have somewhere to go after his eventual firing. Crooks even though the way his was treated had to stay hopeful for a better future, then when he heard of George and Lennie’s plans he saw a chance for a better life. Its hope like this that makes Of Mice and Men timeless because no matter what year it is there always have to be

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