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To be or not to be an Essay

To procrastinate or not to procrastinate? That is the question – at least when you are doing you have something important to do. But why do we procrastinate? Why do we spend so much of our precious time stressing over something that could be done in a matter of a few hours – maybe even less? All we would have to do was to pull ourselves together. Perhaps if we spent more time working and less procrastinating many of us would end up with a much better result, so why do people procrastinate?

To procrastinate seems like one of the most foolish things, and still it seems to be every teenager´s preferred thing to do – probably even everyone´s favourite thing to do. Personally, I have waited until the very last minute to even write the headline on this essay (and
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But it is proven that lots of procrastinators are also perfectionists. Therefore, the reason behind procrastination could be to avoid failing. As a perfectionist, you will think that only perfection would be good enough, and often you cannot live up to your own expectations, thus you just avoid trying – at least for as long as possible. You may even argue that you perform better under pressure, which I personally believe is a lie. But if you are a perfectionist then no matter how early you begin your assignment, you will always feel like it is not good enough, and you can do better. Because of this, you will be wondering how to make the assignment better, right until you reach the deadline of the assignment, and thinking about this constantly might make you stressed out. But if you wait up until the last minute to begin writing you will not have the time to wonder how to do better. Of course, you might still be stressed because of it, but therefore, as a perfectionist, procrastinating it might actually seem like a much better idea, rather than to begin early.
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