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Profile Essay Working with kids and dedicating your life to helping others isn’t something everyone can say they do with their life. Tracey grew up in a small town in Iowa named Bonaparte with her mom, dad and little brother. Tracey’s younger brother had never liked going to school, he struggled a lot with dyslexia which helped her find her passion in teaching kids. Tracey has been teaching kindergarten for several years now, she loves the job. She never fails to reach out to someone in need of help, regardless who it is that needs it. Tracey always has a positive attitude, which always seems to spread to those around her. Working with kids, caring for others and having an inspirational attitude towards life are 3 things that make Tracey the amazing person she is today.
Tracey has always had a passion for working with kids. Since she was young she had always planned to be a teacher because helping others learn made her happy. Tracey said “I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in high school. I watched my
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Tracey says “I try to have a positive outlook of life. Life isn’t always easy, but I choose to be happy. A smile or a kind word are little things that can make a big difference”. She lives by a quote saying “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections” (Gerard Way). These quotes show the kind of person she is. Tracey always keeps things positive whether it’s around kids in class or someone on the street, it never changes. The happy vibe she creates tends to spread easily to those around her. Tracey says “Working with children is very rewarding for me. All kids need to know we care about them. It makes me feel good to know the kids feel safe and happy in my classroom”. Keeping a positive attitude around her kids is what keeps her students feeling safe and helps push them to do better in
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