Examples Of Transcendentalism In Poetry

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The Symbolism behind the Music
The music consists a unique blend of sanity. The girl’s singing voice is not a work of any masterpiece in anyway, neither is it outstanding enough to be performed in front of a great audience. It is nothing but a mediocre singing by a lone reaper, which should logically have no profound sense of philosophy. Yet, her voice provides the tune a brand new significance, which “pours into” the listener’s psyche, and the melody depicts the very heart and soul of the reaper.

The Poetic Philosophy of the Poet
Solitude, tranquility and melancholy have a closely entwined relation. Melancholy is a state of emotion, and it often originates from loneliness. William Wordsworth’s demonstration of self-proclaimed isolation is not only to enhance the melancholy of a dormant heart, but it aims to enlighten the unsuspecting reader with solitude and transcendentalism. Therefore, being alone can allow a person to ponder and contemplate in silence, let go of sadness, and dive into a state of meditation and introspection. In this manner, solitude can act as a cathartic way of healing a broken soul and mind. Quite similar to Rousseau, who employs meditation in …show more content…

The poet experiences the sense of loneliness deep within himself and writes about the experience. The feelings of solitude have deeply planted roots including both factors of time and personal experiences. It also had a significant impact on the poetic theory of Wordsworth. As a poet always against tradition, Wordsworth fearlessly abandons all the shallowness of extreme classism, and chooses to describe plain and mediocre things, which urges people to return to the roots of genuine life, and also enlightens them through nature and its subliminal

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