Examples Of Unnatural Motif In Macbeth

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The unnatural motif and blood motif connects to the overall dark mood of this scene due to the hallucinations and bloody imagery that occurs in this scene. The overall mood for this scene is dark because Banquo is having cursd thoughts while he sleeps. Banquo talks to fleance in the night before duncan's murder about his cursed thoughts. Take thee that too. A heavy summons lies like lead upon me,/ And yet I would not sleep. Merciful powers,/ Restrain in me the cursèd thoughts that nature/ Gives way to in repose(2.1.5-11). The unnatural motif show how Banquo's cursed thoughts negatively affect him causing him a lack of sleep. Banquo is talking to macbeth about the dreams he has about the witches. All’s well./ I dreamt last night of the

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