Examples Of Voluntary Motherhood

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Reproductive rights for women was not focused on until the issue of women’s rights in general became the main issue and focus. “Voluntary Motherhood”. The phrase voluntary motherhood is a new genuinely vision of motherhood. The idea of a female choosing to be a mother voluntarily and becoming pregnant is a wonderful image instead of being forced to carry on a pregnancy without the right of privacy and getting an abortion. Many young colored children are being brought into this world into broken families. For policy makers and government to understand why colored females have abortions more than any other race, first understand the social disorganization, value, intersectionality, and oppression of colored women.
Black women have been aborting
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The reason why I picked Individualism/Interactionalism is because individualism means when all the responsibilities is on that one individual instead of a group. I strongly believe in privacy and the fact that responsibility of one’s action is all on that one person. Individualism/ Interactionalism associates with the theorist Weber. For example, a 17-year-old female and her boyfriend have been together for a while now and they become emotional and sexual. As days go by she feels dizzy, nausea, abdominal bloating, and mood swings which is all signs of pregnancy. To confirm that she is pregnant, she then goes to the store to buy a pregnancy test. She takes the test and she finds out that she is really pregnant. The first thing that comes to her head is her life is ruined and she has to be a mother her whole life. But then the idea of abortion came to mind. The young 17-year- old has the right to have an abortion because she have the right to and she has human rights to privacy. Based on my previous example, it was the girl’s choice to get an abortion. The choice of getting an abortion was the responsibility for the girl and nobody else. It was her choice to get an abortion so it is her fault she got the abortion and it is her fault for not keeping the baby. Secondly, Interactionalism is basically how a person interacts. A good example would be symbolic interactionalism. Symbolic Interactionalism…show more content…
William Wilson’s perspective on social disorganization was that if there were no role models than there would be less crimes. I strongly agree with William because being that minorities live in a disorganized society, the role models within this disorganized communities are guiding these children down the wrong path. In these type of societies young males are getting into trouble, doing drugs, and having sex when they should be focused on school and their future. As far as the girls, they are disrespecting their parents, have no value, and of course having unprotected sex when she should also be focused on school and their future. I believe girls who are pregnant are the role models in these type of societies and that is why I agree with William. It can go either way, because the role models for males are the men gamboling on the street corners, doing drugs, committing crimes and setting a bad example. The role models for the girls are getting drunk, being disrespectful, pregnant, and committing crimes and so on. If these type of role models did not exist, then there would be no bad influential actions being committed because the society would not be disorganized anymore. The role models are different when compared between low-income and high-income people. Reason being is because they do not have drug dealers and people gamboling on the street corners in the expensive neighborhoods. Therefore, the kids
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