Examples Of Willful Blindness

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Quite often, it is very difficult to understand the need for justice unless we ourselves are inconvenienced. Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly we ignore injustice committed on others believing such injustice bears no harm on us. However, this line of thinking can be morally and practically problematic. In what follows, I will consider three examples in which I illustrate why ignorance of injustice can be immoral while at same time bringing unfavorable outcomes. The moral and consequential considerations render willfully ignoring injustice a mistake that harms everyone involved in the system.
Willful blindness is ignorance of injustice which is happening in our society. Willful blindness can be seen in our community and school very often. People ignore many harmful actions even though they know those actions hurt many people. Today willful blindness is very aspirating in U.S schools and administrators ignore: cheating in exams, bulling, and giving preferential treatment for athletes are manly seen as willful blindness.

The first example I will consider is willful ignorance of cheating in school. It is very common that students who witness other students’ cheating choose not to report the incident, on the account that their action doesn’t harm them personally. In addition, students might not want to be a snitch by exposing other students. While one might not necessarily be directly affected by the cheating of another student, indirectly this might lead the honor system
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