Examples Of Womanhood In The Thousand Faces Of Night

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Womanhood: A Retrospection on Githa Hariharan’s novel The Thousand Faces of Night.

The present article depicted how far Githa Hariharan had succeeded in picturizing the concept of womanhood and describing the relevance of this concept in the modern Indian society. It attempted to delineate how women dealt with the sanction of space in Indian society. Her novels presented the efforts of patriarchy on women of different social classes and ages particularly the varied responses to the restrictive institution of marriage especially in The Thousand Faces of Night. Through her novels Hariharan contrasted the role and position of women in our society. Gita Hariharan delineated the concepts of woman in a traditional society and the responsibilities and services expected from women.
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She is a morning star in Indian Fiction in English who became a literary celebrity with her first novel The Thousand Faces of Night (1993) which won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book in 1993.She was anxious with the inner world of sensibility. She no longer remained content with women’s passive role as woman and wife hence, voiced her angry protest. She crumpled the age-old wisdom of saying proverbs, stories, myths and beliefs. Her anger voiced itself through the mode of satire, irony and cynicism. Her vision comprehended the whole history of woman’s role instructed and the emergence of new woman who was true to her own self.
This article briefly analyses Gita Hariharan’s novel The Thousand Faces of Night in the light of womanhood and defines the identity of Indian women. It attempts to portray the efforts of Gita Hariharan in creating a new archetype of women’s identity and demarcate the suffering and predicament of
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