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Worldview Essay A worldview is the basis for the thoughts of an individual. When reading any form of media, especially when looking for advice on a topic, knowing the worldview of an article helps to know how to interpret the article. The article “Advice for Students (and Parents) at Back-to-School Time” is an example of this; the worldview of this article by Warren Cole Smith has a Biblical worldview. A belief in God can be indicated by the use of God without irony or taking God’s name in vain. The author of the article does this by stating: “We are angry or lonely when our relationships with God and others are broken and bruised.” This not only shows a belief in God, but a belief that God is a necessary part of our lives. This corresponds with a Biblical worldview, as the Bible says in the First Great Commandment, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God.” (Mark 12:30) A belief in God is the basis of a Biblical worldview, and this evidence demonstrates the author’s belief. While creation is not directly mentioned in the article, much can be inferred from a belief in the Bible. The author states that “the Bible teaches that knowledge without spiritual wisdom ‘puffs up’.” This direct reference to the Bible shows that the author considers the Bible to be a source of truth. If the author believes the Bible is truth, then the author probably also believes that the creation account is correct. The author demonstrates a belief that man is more than just an animal, with the

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