Examples Of Yardsticks For Political Socialization

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Yardsticks for Political Socialization:
Because of the scope of political socialization, it is widely studied. Political socialization can be described as learning procedure. People living in a society have different learning levels so Political Socialization can be “measured by the certain qualities of behaviors of different people”. The yardsticks by which Political Socialization can be measured are described below.
Social Development:
Social Development can be described as one of the major indicators of political socialization. Through the cooperation and good behaviors among the people living in a society, the Social Development can be referred with. The society in which people are politically socialized, people are well connected with each other and try to achieve the collective benefits for the society. And in such societies people know
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Elites of a society can be defined as the superior group on the basis of power, economy, and some of the qualities which would distinguish them from the rest of people. The political elite would influence the political decisions of the government which would bring disparity among the people and disrupt and corrupt the political system. The monopoly of the elites in the political and the economic system of the country will violate the rights of other citizens. So the transformation of a system from the elitism to the democratic would bring the political socialization of the people. In the democratic system the rich and the poor would be considered as the same citizens and there would be no differentiations among them. So in the democratic system the rights of the people nor the political and the selfish motives will be pursued. The prosperity of the people will be the main objective of the government. The political socialization among people will bring the democracy in the country rather than the rule of the few
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