Examples of Bias Aporach to History

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Rarely in history do the winners of a war or battle not write what had happened in their single point of view. The losers are nearly always left out; they're side is almost never heard or even known to exist. The three greatest examples of this bias approach to history are the actions of Hernán Cortes and the destruction of the Aztec civilization and Tenochticlan, Ramses the second and his rule of Egypt and conquest of the Middle East, and lastly Julius Caesar and his domination of both Rome and the Mediterranean Sea. These three men and their actions are prime examples of the writing of history only being done by those who victor and succeed. They went and defeated their enemies allowing no other perspective but their own to be written in history; whether it was the Aztecs, the Hittites or the German barbarians, no other mindset was heard other than the winners. From the beginning of civilization to end of civilization, only the winners of a conflict will write history and will determine what the future knows. One of the greatest examples of history being written by the winners is by the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortes. Hernán Cortes and his small army of men are held in history for not only defeating the large and expansive Aztec empire but also destroying their city of…

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