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Example of Book Review
The Ka, a novel

An example of book review writing can be found listed with most books sold on the Net and on the writer’s Web sites.

A good sample book review would pertain to writing your personal feelings about a book that you’ve read.
Writing a book review is not to be confused with writing a summary of a book. Writing a summary is a totally different matter and that will be covered eventually in my Articles section.
In my opinion, no real format exists for writing book reviews. Writing help may not be needed. An example of book review variations is shown below.
Some rules do apply, however, and you will see that they are loose and easy to apply.
On this page, you will find reviews pertaining to my
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~~ Joseph J. Ursprung, Phoenix, AZ
This was his entire review:
The Ka is a book for all tastes. This skillfully craft novel contains history, science, mysticism, mystery, intrigue, humor and romance in a neat package that is not just entertaining but challenges your mind and imagination.
Mary Deal has created word images so vivid it is almost like watching a movie. She takes you for a romp through ancient Egyptian history as an archaeological team finds and opens a tomb in Valley of the Queens.
An archaeological student has the mystical ability to communicate with the ancient Egyptians, and this keeps the story moving at a breathtaking pace.
The Ka is a delight to read. One can only hope that from a writer of this talent, there will be many more books to come.
~~ Joseph J. Ursprung, Phoenix, Arizona

Fortunately, lots of people write much more, as you can see in this example of book review data that I've put together. Doing so gives the author a more detailed sense of how their book is be accepted.
A lengthy review – good or bad – can help an author improve their writing.
Hopefully, if it’s a review that leans toward something negative, it comes as a pre-review, before the book goes to publication. Then things can be corrected or changed.


What follows is an example of book review completeness left on the Barnes & Noble Web Site.
Not only does
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