Examples of Company Case Studies

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Case study KUB Case 1 Li&Fung sought to expand their business started on a small scale and expanding it more and more. They had the idea and they knew which products to sell. They started as a company that only exported goods to outside merchants from the location they we were in. However as they decided to go public, the group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. By 1995, the group had expanded its customer base to Indian subcontinent, Caribbean basins and the Mediterranean. Its basic strategy rested in the fact that it attracted big companies like Avon, Tesco, Abercrombie Fitch to buy its products. Furthermore, when they started growing, they thought of outsourcing. This included bringing in different products from different places and producing at a different place. For instance, a product was made in Thailand only because of the labor and quota conditions that Thailand had. Its strategy became stronger when it began purchasing their rival companies such that there would be very little competition for them. StudioDirect.com is a smart idea that it allows the customers and the companies to shop from anywhere and at anytime. There are no restrictions such as contracts or timings that come in the way. The ability of the customer to see the product in different colors and designs further enhance the possibilities of the product and thus enhance the sale. It is good in a way that this is available for people all over the world. The sale is not limited to certain
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