Examples of Irony and Symbolism in The Cask of Amontillado

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Writers often use symbolism in the story to give a more vivid description rather than just saying, pictures are a perfect example. Symbolism is the art of using any object, place, name or anything that represents something rather than its original meaning. A good example can be a roller coaster because it indicates that there will be ups in downs in life. Another example is the color Red this color can symbolize blood, passion or danger. Irony is another technique used in the story to give it a better understanding. Irony is said in a sarcasm way, twisting the actual meaning. It is the opposite of what is intended. Saying the same thing but with a different idea/meaning behind it. For example it’s very funny when people go to McDonalds and…show more content…
Happiness was not a part of this life anymore all that was gone. All because of the humiliation Fortunato did to Montresor. Now he was dark and evil from the inside. The only thing that made him happy now was getting the perfect revenge towards the man that humiliated him so much that he ruined his life. Now the only way he could be happy again was making Fortunato go through the same this he went through. So Montresor had to be kill Fortunato in order for him to be satisfied. The clown costume Fortunato worn the day of the carnival is a symbol Garcia6 of humiliation for Fortunato in (voices. Yahoo) “He had a tight-fitting part striped dress and his head was surmounted by the conical cap and bells.” His costume can be describe as a dumb outfit. Which is also compare to him because he was a total fool to be wearing that and a fool to follow Montresor into this palazzo. Following him into the catacombs was like following death. Going to see the Amontillado was the main thing that causes Fortunato not to realize what was about to happen to him. According with the website (bright hub education) “likely drunk on wine, it is possible that his venturing into catacombs has little to do with his desire to serve Montresor.” The Amontillado was a way to distract Fortunato. Catacombs are explained in the article of (study mode) “In the tale it
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