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Favorite Scenes (Three Favorite Scenes from The Excalibur movie) In the Excalibur movie I found that three scenes were very interesting. In this movie the first scene that i found interesting was when Arthur first got possession of the sword. The second scene is the scene when he broke the tip of the sword off fighting the knight with the really buffed armor. The third scene is when they threw excalibur into the lake and the lady of the lake caught it in her hand. I like these three scenes because they all show how magnificent this sword is and how it has brought great power for the kingdom. In my favorite first scene from the Excalibur movie it is when Arthur first got possession of the excalibur. When he first got the excalibur into his hand he did not know the power of the sword and was willing to just give it up to his “brother” k. When the knights announced that Arthur was king there was many worries because he did not know what he was supposed to do. I found that amazing when a person that everybody thought was nothing pulled the sword out of the stone and not even a big bad knight could make the sword move in the rock. On the Excalibur movie my second favorite scene would be when…show more content…
When the battle was going on between Mordred’s army and Arthur’s army there was only one knight standing with Arthur. So when they saw Mordred both went at him but Arthur told the knight to stay because it was his fight and then Mordred stuck the spear into Arthur’s abdomen. Arthur then walked down the spear and cut Mordred’s throat and then Arthur gave the sword to his knight that was still there and told him to go throw it into the lake and come back to tell me what had happened. The knight had gone back and forth three times before he actually threw the sword and saw the lady of the lake catch

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