Excel Sporting Goods

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Excel Sporting good is a retail store that prides itself on offering unbeatable prices along with the friendliest and well trained staff.

Our service-
Here at Excel Sporting goods you we only hire the most knowledgeable staff around. Our hiring process includes making sure the potential candidate has an in-depth knowledge of sports in general and has a specific sport they are more comfortable with. This is for the benefit of the customer when customers have sport specific questions it is Excel sporting goods mission to answer then fully and allow the customer to leave satisfied knowing they were helped properly. Unlike other sporting good retail stores, our staff will be able to fully assist you in any sport the customer has questions with.

Indoor baseball bat testing - Most sporting good stores offer putting station for golf or a small room with a net to use a driver to test clubs out, but here at Excel we off a service like to other. We have a full selection of baseball bats that you can use in our one of a kind testing cage.

Buyback services - Excel runs a buy back service that customers can bring in old and used products such as fishing rods and baseball gloves that can be exchanged for store credit. This allows us to have a used section in the store where we can keep prices low and affordable for any type of buyer.
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We purchase our products from reputable wholesalers that have their manufacturing plants stationed right here in the USA to support American workers. Although there are a number of chains that offer similar products as Excel, this company differs in the fact that we also work with new/smaller companies to stay on the cutting edge. Two students Kevin Diehn and Zachary Rom finished their schooling at the university of Maryland and are the inventors of “Grob Boost” which is a new product that is applied to
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